Hi I'm Roman. You may know me as wholock-rab. This is my blog specifically dedicated specifically to Jericho which is as of a few weeks ago my favourite show. This blog will also include H.I.V.E., Leverage, and possibly a few other specific fandoms, although mostly it will be just Jerich. Enjoy!!!
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Hey guys!!! Sorry I haven’t made a Jericho-specific post in a while… I was focusing on my main blog and third blog, and neglected this one for a while. I promise I shall try to make some edits/fanvids/the rest of the Jericho comics as well… I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while, and thank you all for following me and subscribing to my channel as well it means a lot to me…

In case you thought I wasn’t following you back…

Just remember that my main blog is wholock-rab.tumblr.com, which is my personal blog, and things like following people typically only happen on main blogs. Also thank you guys for all the support that you’ve been giving me, glad that a few people are enjoying this blog. :)

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Still one of my most favorite reunions on tv!

It’s just one of the ones that I watch over and over again cuz it’s so beautiful and perfect. He didn’t realize how much he cared about her till he thought she was gone and then she comes back.

They were my favorite ship on the show. It needs to come back and have these two together!